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Relli Siegel

Ever since I can remember, flowers have always been my passion. For years, I have been arranging flowers for family, friends, holidays and other occasions.

After 12 years as a Human Resources manager, I decided to make a career change.

I realized that I needed more to do something I love, while at the same time (taking my HR background with me), making people happy. During my search for change, my thoughts returned to flowers.


To combine my passion for flowers with more formal training, I have been taking courses towards the Floristry Certificate at the College of San Mateo for the past few years.

I can now say that I have made my career change and flower design is now my third career (after being a mom!). Besides being a florist, I am a mother of four wonderful children and have the most supportive spouse. I hope that I will be able to pass the joy of flowers on to my children and others, so they can make themselves and others happy too.

My mission as a florist is to create unique quality designs for all occasions at reasonable prices, while maintaining high customer satisfaction.

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